The Way to Cure Acne?

Have Fun / Wednesday, March 27th, 2019

Virtually everybody in this world suffer from acne. The severity may vary from moderate to highly severe depending on the age and the pimples. Acne is commonly found in young adults that are teenagers. When grime joins with petroleum, it leads to the evolution of bacteria. Because of this, pimples are shaped and pimples are generally found in chest, face, and throat and sometimes they look in shoulders too.

People in the age group of 12-24 suffer from rectal acne and their pimples will disappear even if they don’t take remedies. But acne may seem in adults too and adult acne has to be treated properly to maintain wholesome skin. To treat acne, the principal reason for this cause of acne has to be identified.

If you suffer from acute acne you must consult a dermatologist for further treatment. A lot of people use lotions that are prescribed to their relatives or friends. Every person has a exceptional skin and a different reason for its appearance of pimples. Thus it’s crucial to visit a doctor for acne remedies.

The acne treatments will always result in slow disappearance of pimples. There’s no single treatment that creates magic or treats acne. The medicine will probably last for six weeks for providing cure. The treatment that was successful with one person may not have exactly the exact same effect on the opposite person. The dermatologist must analyze the skin and the cause for acne for curing it. If any ointment guarantees magical result for acne, simply ignore it.

Different home remedies are followed to heal acne. These home remedies can be followed when the problems are mild.

O Drink a Lot of water

O Wash your face frequently with a fantastic excellent face wash to clear the dirt and the oil which has accumulated. The dirt might block the pores leading to the creation of bacteria. The pores must be open so that the skin absorbs.

O Create a paste of baking soda and employ in your pimples. This aids in reducing the itchy feeling and the reddish nature of the swelling.

O Create a paste of oatmeal and water and use on the pimples for atleast twenty minutes.

O Make a paste from smashes apple and four tablespoons of honey and apply on your face. This facial mask will reduce the oil from the skin and nourishes the skin.


When not treated properly these cysts will melt along with the fluid will influence the area of the skin that’s subjected to it. It’s necessary to see a dermatologist to get the prescribed treatment for acne.

O Peel treatment – a combination of glycolic acid and mild chemicals will loosen the black heads and reduce the pain. This should be carried out by a dermatologist.

O Comedo extractions – acne may be called as comedo. This will cure acne quicker but it must be done by a specialist. Check the credentials of your dermatologist before taking this treatment. Whether this remedy is finishes, then the skin may be impacted by streptococci and staphylococci disease which will lead to scars.

O Surgery – for bigger cysts which contain fluids, the only means to heal them is to open the uterus and drain the puss. The pustules are surgically extracted however, the scar will remain.

O Laser treatment – the latest technology in acne therapy use the laser beam to destroy the bacteria that’s causing the infection. Small scars can also be treated with laser and they’ll disappear after the treatment thereby removing the irregularities in the skin.

O Acupuncture – that entails stimulating certain points in your system to trigger the self repair system in the human body. Though there’s absolutely no evidence for this therapy many men and women are taking this treatment since it has no side effects in any way.

Over the counter treatments

Certain medicines that provide cure for acne can be found in the market. These medicines can be used for treating acne but they produce slow results.

Benzyl Peroxide – this is a bleaching agent and a gentle makeup can be applied on pimples. This may eliminate oil and will halt the evolution of P.acnes that’s responsible for causing acne. This should not be implemented on hair and has to be cautiously used.

Resorcinol – this removes whiteheads and blackheads

Sulfur – this is used together with the above substances for treating acne. The actual reason for the efficacy of sulfur remains unknown.

B5 vitamins – specific dermatologist prescribe consumption of b5 vitamin supplements since it fights against acne.

The aforementioned home remedies can be followed to heal acne. But if they do not work you want to seek advice from a dermatologist. The doctor can prescribe any one of the following:

O Topical Retinoids – these are vitamin derivatives which are commonly prescribed for acne with swelling. This can cause aggravation to your skin types and may cause the skin tobe more sensitive to sunlight.
O Cosmetic Dentistry – these are also employed for caring acne as they fight against p.acnes.
O Oral Contraceptives – these will control the hyperactive sebaceous glands consequently minimizing the serum that is generated.


Acne may be cured by creams, gels and foam that can fight against p.acnes or restrain the oil that’s produced.

Normally physicians will prescribe medications together with some of these products for curing acne. Certain products can cause itching but do not scrape your pimple. Also always consult a doctor when you have acne and also don’t follow self medication.

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