5 Different Teen Bedroom Ideas (Cool and Awesome)

Home Decor / Friday, August 3rd, 2018

If you want to give your teens a bedroom of their own, one thing to seriously consider is that your teen’s personality. It is because different from adults, a teenager not only consider their bedroom as a sleeping place, but also as their place of comfort. Hence, these teen bedroom ideas are listed to help you dealing with that.

Read the following list and you can choose one of the best ideas to match with your teen’s personality and preference.

Compact Bedroom Idea

Compact Bedroom Idea

This idea is perfect for your messy teen. In the small bedroom ideas, storage will be the key aspect. As most teenagers are not good at organizing their stuff, it is the best if you provide a couple of storage to hide the messiness.

An easy example for this idea is by installing an under-the-bed storage in their room. A closet attached to the wall will also be a great addition to this bedroom.

Multi-purpose Bedroom Concept

Multi-purpose Bedroom for teen

Who says that bedroom is only for sleeping? Sleeping, studying, hanging out, all of them can be done in the bedroom. The key to this idea lies within the furniture inside. Obviously for a bedroom to function as multi-purpose, you need to provide some other furnishings.

What you need to consider is a small bench (which can be attached against the bedroom’s window or bed’s footboard), a compact desk and chair, as well as few more pillows and rugs (to give more comfort for lounge around).

Fun Bedroom for Teen

Fun Bedroom for Teen

As for one of these teen bedroom ideas, it is focused on the teen’s personality as the main aspect. There are a couple of recommendations for this type of bedroom.

  • Chalkboard

While it is not necessary, a chalkboard might be a safe option to decorate teen’s bedroom. With this chalkboard, they can express their true self by doodling on it.

  • Unique shaped chair

A unique chair may also show how their personality is. Either a hanging chair or just a bean bag, they will be a great addition to the bedroom.

Colorful Bedroom Design

As its name, the key to this idea of a bedroom is the color. Bright or bold accents can highlight your teen’s personality. You can choose to use paint, wallpaper or custom graffiti for the wall. Meanwhile, colorful choice of furniture is also recommended as an addition to bedroom.

The best colors for it are bright ones like yellow, orange, streaking green. Well, you can use other colors, of course but with a note that you need to keep them colorful and not monotone.
Tactile Bedroom Idea

Well, this idea is recommended to try. One definite reason as to why a teenager loves to spend their time in their own respective rooms is because they get comfortable in it.

There are various things which may affect their comfortableness. One of them is, surely, because of the good fabrics. This kind of tactile teen bedroom ideas is stressing more on the choice of fabrics that you use.

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