A Simple Ways on How to Selling T-Shirts on Instagram that Everyone Should Know

My Thinking / Thursday, March 21st, 2019

Everyone who try to sell clothing line especially the T-shirts needs to know a simple ways on how to selling T-shirts on Instagram and teespro.id.

Even though Instagram is basically used by everyone, promoting and selling T-shirt on the platform is still difficult if you don’t know how to do it right. Below, there will be some tips on how to sell T-shirts on the prominent social media platform.

Post High-Quality Photos of the T-Shirts

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The first rule in making good selling on Instagram, especially when the product is clothing stuff, like T-shirt, is to post high-quality photos. Make the T-shirts look attractive and appealing to the audience so that they will get tempted to buy them.

You need to go all out. Use professional models to wear the T-shirt and do photo shoot. Also, hire professional photographers and use a professional photo studio to take all the pictures you need of the T-shirts to be posted later on Instagram.

Write an Effective Caption

Even though the photos are like amazing, it will be nothing if the caption is not effective. Complete the photos with effective, interesting caption. The caption should be short but meaningful. Everything about the T-shirt must be explained there briefly.

A simple ways on how to selling T-shirts on Instagram is by playing with the captions and complete the captions with hashtags as well. If the caption is spot on, your Instagram page will be visited by the right target market for the T-shirt product

Tag Product Links on the Instagram Posts

If it is possible, tag the product links from your website or marketplace on the Instagram post. It will increase the possibility of the product to be bought.

If you can’t tag the product links, use other ways like writing the links of your website on the bio or on the comment right under the posted photos.

Giveaway Free T-Shirts with Contest

Today, Instagram is the most popular social media in the world, making it the perfect platform to sell T-shirt products. Don’t be afraid to hold a contest. Make some quizz or puzzle games for your Instagram followers to play with. The winners get free T-shirt of your product.

The more winners, the more people wear your T-shirt out there. This is a great way to do if you want to promote your T-shirt quickly. You should be prepared financially, though, because it will cost you serious money.

Post Video about the T-Shirts

Instagram allows you to post longer video, up to several minutes. Don’t waste your chance to promote the T-shirt using videos.

Make funny videos that everyone will easily remember. Let everyone in the video wear your T-shirt and promote them on the video. Surely it will improve the brand awareness for your audience.

Now that you know there are a lot of ways to sell T-shirts and other clothing products on Instagram, you can start trying a simple ways on how to selling T-shirts on Instagram suggested up above. Hopefully, the result is satisfying and improves your profits.

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