Meet the Founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos

Have Fun / Tuesday, April 2nd, 2019

You must have been very familiar with Amazon. By any chance, do you know who the founder is? You must have been very into Amazon if you can answer it right. Yes, Jeff Bezos is the founder.

This man is also known to found Blue Origin. As for Amazon, it has been one of leading technology companies in the world. Many people must be very familiar with this one.

An Early Life of Jeff Bezos

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This man was born with name Jeffrey Preston Jorgensen. Then, his name turned into Jeffrey Preston Bezos and now he is mostly known as Jeff Bezos. He was born as an American on January 12th, 1964.

As a native of Albuquerque, New Mexico, he attended University of New Mexico for his undergraduate education. Not long after he graduated from the university, he was accepted at Exxon as an engineer. His family then moved to Texas, especially Houston.

Although their family had to move back then, he had been very familiar with the surrounding since he went into River Oaks Elementary School for two years only. In addition, he had received various scholars that were very cool.

Business Career

Bezos’s early career was started by being offered jobs at Bell Labs, Andersen Consulting, and Intel. However, he ended up choosing to work at Fitel. It is a fintech start-up working on telecommunications. In addition, he had ever worked at banking industry for two years.

Regarding Amazon, it was initially started by selling books via online. It happened around 1993. In the following year, Amazon was founded. In the beginning, his parents even invested some money on it even though Jeff Bezos himself was not sure about it.

Coming from an online bookstore, now Amazon sells various things that you need. It is a very large business right now that is very promising.

How People See Him

As a public figure that people adore for what he has done, there have been a lot of images that people give for him. Once he is mentioned as a coldblooded corporate and mysterious person even though he is very brilliant.

He is also pointed to be nerdy or geeky. Another name given for Bezos is a hyper competitive man and also a demanding boss. In recent years, Bezos is then known to be different from what people call him. He reverses his reputation.

Awards and Recognition

He has received various awards. His first award that is categorized as a major one is Person of the Year in 1999 given by Time.

He has also been mentioned to one of best leaders in America in 2008. As for his recognition, there have been many articles related to him.

As A Philanthropist

With all of his wealth, he becomes one of philanthropist known by public. He has Bezos Expeditions that focus on non-profit projects and direct donations. He has ever donated multiple times for goodness sake.

That’s all about Jeff Bezos, a founder and president of Amazon. His competitive side and strong will to create something should be taken into account. Hope you get something from his stories.

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