How to Write a Preface for an Essay

Have Fun / Wednesday, May 15th, 2019

A student life couldn’t be separated from any assignments, particularly essay.

But there’s still number of student that still confuse about how to write a preface for an essay correctly.

Not like the novel or romance that keeps the story as mysterious as it comes to the end, essay has to reveal the answer to the reader slowly and gradually.

Preface is commonly used to describe the main idea of the essay.

It aims to introduce or inform the readers about what actually the essay tells include issues or problems, and how that problems are answered.

Despite the arguments should be put within this part, but it should be gradually mentioned.

Things You Know About Essay & Tips about How to Write Preface of Essay

The essay consists of several important purposes.

This part is expected to provide an interest to the readers about the topics, so it will encourage the intention of reading to the readers.

Furthermore, the preface is needed to give a roadmap about the writer’s arguments and statements that would be covered in a whole review of the text.

Though writing a preface is not as difficult as the reviews, but you still have to notice several structures of writing a preface.

Usually preface is created by applying ‘general to specific’ structure that is introducing the problem or issue that addressed in general sense before narrowed to the line of argument.

Moreover, here are several tips you can try to make the right essay’s preface.

1. Identifying The Audience

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When you write a preface (kata pengantar) for the first time, make sure you have put the introduction sentence that can pull the reader in.

Make the sentence become fascinating so the reader would read your text more detail and deeper.

Moreover, while you’re writing the preface for your essay, make sure you’ve properly understood of the problem or subject you’re going to write.

2. Give any surprises

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Make sure you’ve written sentences that can lead the readers to become more curious about your essay, and you can put them on the preface of your essay.

Learn something new will make people more interesting on what they can see next, so try to put any statistic that will give the readers something they didn’t know to increase the attention of them.

3. Give Some Anecdotes


There’s no mistake if you put any entertaining sentence within the preface of your essay.

Start with writing some fun and interesting anecdotes that can relate and fit to your essay, so it will make your essay not feeling so boring.

4. Put some thought-provoking questions


When you’re trying to write any persuasive essay, try to put provoking question that could lead the readers in and make them thinking more deeply about the problem inside your essay.

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5. Try to not use any clichés and generalizations

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When you’re writing the preface of your essay, make sure you’ve avoided any clichés or general arguments or statements that will make your essay looks so bad and recognizing you as a lazy writer.

There isn’t one easy way to write an impressive preface particularly on essay.

The tips about how to write a preface for an essay will give you some advices to write a powerful preface that can grab the attention of the readers so they will keep reading on it.

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