5 Ways How to Decorate a Small House

Home Decor / Monday, September 3rd, 2018

How to Decorate a Small House

People have been taught that putting pattern together will not be pretty, especially for small room. It could create the worst nightmare ever. This is 5 Ways How to Decorate a Small House you can try to make your small house more comfy.

1. Cover the Stove

In kitchen area, big preparations and cooking activity happen. It is usually also the coziest place to hang around and chat together. Then, you have to find a way to extend the counter top, so the dishes could have proper place. In some cases, the counter is even served as dinner table! The solution is to cover your stove with proper boards. It should not be too heavy, since stove is delicate and important house equipment. Being non heat resistant is also bad: sometimes you need to put the cover as soon as you done the cooking. SO, you can cooking more fun.

2. Built Vertical Dresser

Instead of buying a big dresser with awkward space from the ceiling, you can always install a vertical dresser. It helps to maximize the storage for clothes and other materials. Slipping some open spaces is also an option, so you could have small working station next to the bed.

3. Cover It Beautifully

The best and multifunctional item is open shelves. It could be used both as storage and display. This rule applies only when things could be arranged neatly and the items could stand the dust.
Some items, however, should be covered. Otherwise, it will break easily. One thing you could do is to cover the shelves. Pick some pretty pattern or frilly cloth to replace the display shelves. You can always roll this curtain up when you need to take the items.

4. Mix Pattern in One Place Only

People have been told that putting patterns together will not be pretty. Especially for small room, it could create the worst nightmare ever. Want something out of the rules? Let your imagination goes free to mix and match some patterns. However, you need to pick one spot only, which will be the focal point of the room. Bedroom provides the perfect place to start: bedding cover, blanket, pillow and bolster cover. Better news: you can change them weekly with smaller budget.

5. Put Floating Shelves

This is not actually a decoration, but it does help to expand your storage space. Your knick knack could be arranged on this shelf if you install it in the living room. For elegant look, you could combine the metallic tubes and light colored wooden board. When installing, make sure that you give some space for head rest. Putting it right above the sofa might not be the best idea. The guests might bump into it unintentionally.

That was 5 ways how to decorate a small house you can apply in your own property. Come back again next time with more home, apartment makeover, and decorating ideas. Like this article, comment it, or better yet share it with everyone in your social circle. See you again later and thanks for reading.

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