Albert Einsten, the Father of Relativity and Modern Physics

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Nowadays, the name Albert Einsten is a staple to all science textbooks. He was a popular figure in science and a celebrity back in his time. Living in a world where many scientific theorems were debated, many doubt his thinking especially his audacious relativity theories.

He never thought to see himself as a figure of science when he decided to develop his theories. However, everything has a beginning, and here was his.

Family and Early Life

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Born in a Jewish family on March 14th, 1879, in Ulm, Württemberg, Germany, Albert Einsten lived in a middle-class family in the newly formed German Empire.

Hermann Einstein and Pauline Koch were his parents. His dad worked as a bed salesman and his mother ran the house. His sister was Maria Einstein, which was 2 years younger than him.

Ever since childhood, he was always keen on solving scientific curiosities. One of the main interests is the unseen forces, which he will try to solve all his life.

Sparks That Lighted the Brilliant Mind

Ever since his young age, he loved his books. He especially loved geometry, but often felt restricted in developing his own understandings.

But then his life changed when Max Talmud, a young medical student, became his tutor. He introduced him to complex mathematics and philosophy.

Financial Struggles and Education

When his company went bankrupt in 1894, he decided to return to his parents. Added with his father’s financial troubles, this would lead to the lowest point of his life.

Germany’s education system was of old Prussian era’s that restricts originality. Many of his teachers ridicule him for not following the system because of his creativity.

Due to his exceptional math skills, he was accepted in a special Polytechnic school in Switzerland. This changed him because here he spoke his mind freely without ridicule.

The Father of Modern Physics

When he chased a doctorate degree, he submitted his theory of relativity in several papers. No one at the physics community paid any attention, except Max Planck. Planck paved a way for him to lecture in many universities; skyrocketing his fame in the academic world.

His theories were then accepted because he helped fix many of physic’s contradiction, especially the contradictions Newton’s Law of Motion and Maxwell’s Theory of light. Unfortunately, his work then got interrupted by the dawn of World War 1.

Pacifist That Born a Weapon

The dawn of the Nazi Party forced Albert Einsten to escape to the US. To his dismay, the theories that he had brought with him were then used to create the world’s deadliest weapon, the atomic bomb.

After the bomb was dropped in Japan, he joined a committee to prevent more usage of this bomb. He opposed further development of bigger hydrogen bombs and nuclear technology restrictions.

Reaching the End of His Life

Sadly, his efforts toward nuclear control weren’t creating a big impact. Further inquiries towards quantum physics and mechanics created big gaps between him and his colleagues.

This was until the point he abandoned social life almost completely. His last work was even neglected by many. Not long after, Albert Einsten died on April 18th, 1955 leaving it unfinished.

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